Cancellation Policies

We offer 3 different types of Cancellation Policies and it is the property owner who selects the one which he wants to apply to his apartments. During the reservation process, you will know which one is the one applied to the accommodation which you like.


  • Flexible: Reserve and pay the rest on arrival

    • At the time of completing your reservation, you will need to make part of the payment in order to confirm your booking
    • This amount will not be refundable at any time.
    • The remaining amount for the reservation will be paid on arrival at the apartment.
    • If you decide to cancel the reservation before your arrrival, there is no additional cancellation cost.
    • The cancellation request has to be done by email or through the contact form which you will find on the webpage and during the opening hours of our Customer Care department.
    • We will not admit any cancellations either by telephone or outside these opening hours.
    • Check in

      If you decide to cancel prior to arrival, there is no additional penalization

    • Check out

      If you arrive at the apartment and decide to leave prior to the departure date, you will not receive any refund.